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Elias Marks asks the court to order Michael and Louisa Rudolph to compensate him for medical services rendered in the amount of $108.25. Marks explains that he attended the defendants and their chattel when they became "sick diseased and afflicted with divers maladies and diseases." At the Rudolphs' "special instance and request," Marks "rendered his personal attendance, labor, prescriptions, advice and services as a Physician" during the year 1818. When he presented his account to the Rudolphs and Jacob Faust, Louisa's trustee, they "do absolutely refuse to pay or satisfy your Orator the said sum." He asks the court to order the couple to account with him "out of the proceeds and services of the said slaves," who are subject to the provisions of a trust estate Louisa set up upon her marriage to Michael Rudolph.

Result: Granted pro confesso.

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