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Ainsley and William Hall join John and George Kirkpatrick in seeking payment of a $548-debt incurred from the purchase of supplies for Louisa Rudulph and her family. The merchants represent that Louisa Hendricks executed a marriage settlement in 1816 prior to her marriage to Michael J. Rudulph, whereby she conveyed twelve slaves to Jacob J. Faust in trust "to her own, sole and seperate use and benefit." They charge that the said Michael Rudulph and Jacob Faust "gave your orators a certain note of hand" on 27 February 1821 "for articles for the use of Mrs Louisa M. Rudulph, necessary for the support and maintenance of herself and family." Citing that Michael Rudulph has since died, the petitioners point out that said note "has become due" and that the defendants "have wholly refused and neglected" to pay said debt. They further charge that Jacob Faust and Louisa Rudulph "pretend" that said "note of hand" was ever executed. The petitioners therefore pray "that the said trust property may be made liable, as well as the other property of said Michael J & Louisa M, to pay the aforesaid debt."

Result: Granted pro confesso.

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