Petition #21382335


W. S. Boag, guardian of John Lawson, asks that R. A. Taylor "immediately" surrender certain negroes to "the Custody of this Court." Boag informs the court that "he has handed R A Taylor a notice of a motion for an Injunction on Monday next -- that the object of this motion will be to restrain the said R A Taylor from disposing of certain negroes," whom the petitioner claims "as the Guardian of the said John S. Lawson." However, Boag admits that "he is apprehensive from the strong circumstances of fraud connected with the sale of the said Negroes by the former Guardian of the said Lawson to the said Taylor -- that he the said Taylor will remove the said Negroes before the order of this Court can be obtained on his motion for Injunction." The petitioner therefore prays that the said Taylor be ordered "to surrender the said negroes immediately into the Custody of this Court."

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