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Frances Pyles seeks support from her husband for herself and her infant child. She states "that she was married to Dr. Abner Pyles some time in May 1822" and that "they lived in tolerable harmony untill some time in the fall of that year," when he became "doubtfull of her Chastity" and "grew every day more morose and abusive." She avers that he slandered her "in the grossest manner" and that he "threatened violence if she ever went beyond his gate." After she signed an agreement to separate on 21 October 1822, she discovered "from a copy thereof, she was to remove all claims upon him & his Estate in right of her marriage as well for alimony" and return to her father's house in Virginia. Charging that said agreement is "held valid according to the risks of Law," she prays that her husband "may be compelled ... to furnish to your Oratrix annually a sufficient sum of money for the support of herself & her child." In his answer, Abner Pyles charges that his wife carried on "an intrigue with her next friend in this suit;" that she "had made a confident of the female house servant of this Defendant the intimacy was striking to every adult member of the family, and it was obvious, that she aided the complainant in her stolen intercourse with her gallant;" that his wife "contemplated flying from his house: that she wished the negro woman to accompany her," but the said slave refused even though "promised freedom on their arrival in Virginia;" that she "entered into a conspiracy with his slaves to carry off his property and run away with her;" and that she tried to poison him.

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