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F. H. Legg seeks an injunction to prevent the sheriff of Spartanburg District from enforcing an execution recovered against him by Thomas Crofford. Legg explains that he issued a note for $154 in 1821 to purchase a slave family at the request of Fredrick Hickey. Afterwards the note "fell in to the hands of one Thomas Crofford and your orator fully believes that the said note was placed in said Thomas' hands for the purpose of avoiding any defence to said note." Thomas promptly referred the note to an attorney for collection. Legg alleges that one of the slaves was "unsound," but during the lawsuit he could produce no corroborating "evidence of the unsoundness of said negroes because the contract was private & could be proved by no person but the said Fredrick," whose whereabouts are unknown. Legg asserts that Hickey and Crofford have defrauded him and asks the court to stay the proceedings against him.

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