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Samuel and Paul Dinkins join their sister and brother-in-law in seeking to collect inheritance from the estates of their late grandfather and uncle. William Scott Sr. died in 1806 and his will devised to his daughter, Elizabeth, "divers negro slaves, and requested the same to be settled on the said Elizabeth and her lawful issue." William Scott Jr., the executor for his father's will, died in 1820; his nephew, Joseph Scott, became his executor. The petitioners state their mother Elizabeth had married Jesse Killingsworth, "who was indebted to the said Joseph." In 1823, the three entered into an agreement whereby the Killingsworths sold Scott four slaves; the petitioners argue that these slaves were part of their grandfather’s estate. They also assert their late uncle William Jr. "authorized his executors to lay out five thousand dollars in the purchase of young & valuable negroes, for the use of his sister ... during her life, and after her death, to her children." Joseph Scott "purchased a parcel of negroes ... but took bills of Sale, so defectively drawn" that the property cannot be secured to the petitioners at their mother's death. Joseph Scott has died intestate, and his administrators have taken possession of all the slaves in question. The petitioners pray that said administrators be directed “to perform properly the trusts and directions of the said wills."

Result: Granted.

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