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Tabitha Cammer, widow of the late James Cammer, seeks an account and settlement of her late husband's estate. In 1836, Tabitha and James Cammer executed a marriage settlement, in which Tabitha "conveyed a large estate consisting of lands, negroes, and other personal property" in trust to Beaufort [Beauford] A. Wallace; however, "all of the property covered by the said deed was in the possession of your Oratrix at the time of her marriage with the said James." In the spring of 1837, James abandoned Tabitha. He died intestate in 1844, leaving Tabitha as "his only heir and sole distributee of his estate, and leaving a large personal estate of which he was possessed and to which he was entitled ... all of which has come to the hands and possession" of Jesse DeBruhl, administrator of the estate of James Cammer. The petitioner requests that said DeBruhl "may set forth a full and detailed statement of the property and effects belonging to the estate of the said James Cammer" and that he may "pay to your Oratrix so much as she may be found entitled to for her distributive share."

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