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Jesse DeBruchl, administrator of the late James Cammer, seeks to settle the estate of the intestate. In 1836, Tabitha Atkinson and James Cammer executed a marriage settlement, which conveyed “six hundred and thirty acres of land- and about forty-five or fifty negroes” to Tabitha. This property was conveyed in trust to Beauford [Beaufort] A. Wallace, who died in 1840. Dr. Robert E. Campbell assumed control of the trust estate in 1843. The petitioner asserts that Campbell never gave bond as required by the court and “cannot now avail himself of his own neglect in not complying with the order of the Court.” DeBruchl also argues that Campbell “refused to render an account of the proceeds and incomes of said trust Estate.” During his lifetime, Cammer invested substantial amounts of money in both Tabitha’s trust estate and the couple’s cotton plantation; this included the purchase of “a family of Negroes” for $1,000 shortly before his death. The petitioner claims that the family “belonged to the said intestate” and that, as administrator, he “is entitled to have” the slave family delivered to him. DeBruchl also demands a full account of the intestate’s share of the “rents, profits, proceeds and income” of the trust estate and an account of the slaves' hire.

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