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The heirs of Jane Whitecotton Smith request the confirmation of a slave partition. In 1846, Mary Ann Seay died intestate possessed of considerable property, including slaves. In March of 1846, the heirs of Seay agreed to "make a partition of slaves" and divided them into four lots. That same month James H. Seay became administrator of the estate and filed a bill with the court for the partition of land and the confirmation of the slave division; the court ordered the sale of land. Jane Whitecotton Smith, the daughter of Mary Seay Whitecotton and heir to the said Mary Ann Seay, died and is survived by her husband George and their children, who are each entitled to a portion of the aforementioned slaves. The heirs have divided these slaves, ten in number, into lots for distribution among the heirs. The petitioners request the court's confirmation of said division of slaves. The petitioners also ask that three slaves, for whom a "partition yet remains," be divided among the heirs.

Result: Granted pro confesso.

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