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Three children of the late Mariah Elizabeth Eigleberger Suber seek a partition of her estate slaves. The petitioners inform the court that they and the three defendants are the children of Mariah and her first husband, Col. John Eigleberger. They report that, before her second marriage, their mother executed a marriage settlement with Ephraim Suber, whereby it was agreed that all Mariah Elizabeth's "negro property" would be for their joint use during their lifetimes; if Mariah Elizabeth predeceased her husband, then the slaves would be divided among her surviving children. Mariah Elizabeth died in 1849 possessed of twenty-two slaves. Ephraim Suber "has notified your Orators that he is ready to deliver up the said negroes" to them and their minor siblings. Therefore, the petitioners pray for the court's assistance in creating a "Division of the aforesaid negroes between and amongst your Orators" and their siblings.

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