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The children of the late Hannah Hamlin Dewees "are desirous of having an account of their respective shares of the wages, rents, and profits of [certain] Negroes during their minority and a partition of the slaves with their issue and increase between themselves and their sisters according to their respective legal rights." They represent that their parents executed a "marriage settlement" in 1818, "whereby Eight negro slaves, the property of the said Hannah Hamlin ... were conveyed to ... Trustees," allowing her to receive the profits of said slave property "for her sole and separate use and benefit during her life." They further aver that, "upon the death of their mother, all the right, interest and estate in the said slaves and their issue and increase vested in her children." They note that their mother died in 1838, when they were all minors, and that their father "has had possession of the said slaves ever since" that time. As four of the petitioners are still minors, they state that their father "cannot settle with them nor divide the said slaves without the sanction and direction of this Honble Court." They pray that Dr. John Dewees be required to make a full account of the slave property and that they "may have such further and other relief in the premises."

Result: Granted.

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