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The children and heirs of the late William Farrar seek a two-thirds share of certain slaves. They assert that, "in his life time," Farrar was possessed of ten slaves as "his proper goods and chattels." They further report that, "upon the death of said William Farrar," his widow, Susan Mobley Farrar, claimed said slaves "under a pretended deed from her father one Micajah Mobley." Noting that Susan has died intestate and "without issue," they reveal that the heirs and distributees of Micajah Mobley now claim said slaves "as remaindermen under & by virtue of a supposed deed of gift from the said Micajah Mobley." They charge that, if said deed of gift existed, it "was not a deed to her sole & separate use, but that it vested said slaves & their increase in the said Susan absolutely, and the marital rights of said William Farrar attached to said slaves." They submit that Susan, as widow, was entitled to one third of said property and that "they are entitled as the children of William Farrar ... to two thirds of the said slaves & their increase & hire & profits." They therefore pray that an account of said slaves be made; that the slaves "may be partitioned between your Orators & Oratrixes and the defendants;" and that "two thirds of said slaves ... may be allotted" to them.

Result: Dismissed.

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