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The widow and children of the late John Paysinger seek to sell a portion of the decedent's personal estate. In 1844, John Paysinger made his last will and testament and "died shortly afterwards." The said will named Benjamin F. Paysinger as executor, and it stipulated that "the avails of the crops should be applied towards paying his debts, supporting his family, educating his children" while "all the rest of his property should be kept together." The testator "further declared it to be his will that none of his negroes should be sold unless it should become necessary for the payment of his debts." The petitioners report that the estate consists of nearly 1100 acres of land and 39 slaves, and they assert that "all the grown slaves have become unruly and ungovernable insomuch that your oratrix cannot live in comfort and safety on the plantation where they are." They therefore pray that "the slaves and other personalty belonging to the estate of the testator" be ordered to be sold and that "your Honours may instruct and direct your Orator Benjamin F. in relation to his duties in the execution of said Will."

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