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Sebastian Fritzman, the widower of Sarah Wood Fritzman, asks that the administrator of his late wife's estate "come to an accounting and settlement with him" and "pay over to him his share" of the proceeds from the sale of the slaves in her estate. Fritzman submits that he and said Sarah "executed a deed of marriage settlement" whereby a female slave and her three children were delivered to John Glymph "to have and to hold said slaves and their increase to and for the sole and separate use of the said Sarah Wood during her natural life." Noting that his wife died intestate in 1852, the petitioner asserts that "he is entitled under the Statute of this State for the more equitable distribution of intestates estates to one half of the said property conveyed." He reveals, however, that said Glymph, as administrator of his wife's estate, "sold the slaves and their increase named in the said deed of marriage settlement and now has in his hands the proceeds of said sale" and refuses to acknowledge "your orators right to the same." The petitioner therefore prays that said Glymph be decreed to "come to a full and final accounting and settlement with your Orator and pay over to your Orator his share of said property."

Result: Granted.

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