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Reuben Gillian, administrator of Frances Faw Gillian, seeks the court's assistance in distributing his late wife's estate. He represents that he married the said Frances in 1830; on the day of their marriage, the couple “entered into an agreement in the nature of a marriage settlement." The said marriage contract stipulated that, should Reuben survive Frances, he would "return or cause to be returned" all the “property both real and personal" to her heirs after the payment of debts. The petitioner reports that his wife died in 1854, survived by three children from a prior marriage. Gillian asserts that Frances "executed a certain paper writing disposing of her property" before she died. Currently in the possession of six slaves "subject to distribution," the petitioner is uncertain as to how to proceed. He also reveals that he and Frances served as sureties on a bond for Thomas Glenn, the grandson of said Frances; the bond allowed Regina W. Faw Glenn, the mother of said Thomas and the daughter of said Frances, "to carry the greater portion of her separate property to the state of Mississippi." Asserting that he is currently liable for said bond, he asks that Regina's portion of said estate be used for the payment of debt. Gillian also asks that the court assist him in the distribution of her said estate.

Result: Granted pro confesso .

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