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Benjamin F. Sloan, executor of the late Susan Sloan, returns to court to request that the "Sloan Ferry Plantation" be sold. He reminds the court that he filed his original bill wherein he put forth that "the household and kitchen furniture and the negroes to be divided under ... the will ... should be sold and the proceeds divided equally." Sloan reports, however, that "some of the parties answered objecting to the sale proposed" and that he therefore "divided the Household and Kitchen furniture into four Lots as by the will directed." The petitioner further relates that, "with the same view your Orator divided the negroes and their issue ... into four Lots." He states that Lot No. 2, valued at $5460, "was left for the representatives of Thomas M Sloan deceased;" that said representatives "are numerous and a majority of them are minors," making it "impossible to divide the negroes of Lot No Two (2) among the heirs of Thomas M. Sloan;" and that, "not knowing to whom to deliver them," he hired out said slaves "until the instructions and order of this Honorable Court might be known." Noting that the Sloan Ferry Plantation, valued at $7000, was devised to him by the testatrix as a "special kindness," the petitioner "objects to take the plantation at valuation and hopes that this Honorable Court will order the same to be sold."

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