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Archibald Campbell, the committee of Emily Miller Gause, seeks permission to sell a group of slaves. Campbell informs the court that the said Emily has been "declared to be a Lunatic." He further states that Emily's father, Frederick Miller, died in 1834 leaving her a life estate in nine slaves and their increase; upon Emily's death, the slaves are to pass to her children. He represents that twenty-one of said slaves are in Emily's possession and that they have been hired out, as "there is no plantation belonging to your Oratrix." Of the opinion that "it would be greatly to the advantage of your Oratrix that all of the ... negroes should be sold," Campbell surmises that it also "would be beneficial for all the negroes to be sold in order that they may have permanent homes." However, he reveals that Emily's heirs refuse to consent to such a sale, insisting that "the said negroes would increase in number and value." He therefore prays that the interested parties be summoned to "answer and set forth if it would not be to the advantage of your oratrix and their interest in remainder and for the benefit of the said negroes that they should be sold."

Result: Granted.

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