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Christena Cannon Folk requests an account for the labor and hire of slaves. In June 1840, Christena Cannon and John A. Folk executed a marriage contract, in which certain slaves would remain in the petitioner’s possession for her "sole and separate use during her life." Upon her death, the slaves were to be equally divided among her children. The couple signed a similar arrangement regarding the slaves brought to the marriage by John. Since “no trustee was appointed” for Christena’s estate, “her then husband took posession” of the slaves. During the course of their marriage, John either worked or hired out Christena's slaves "never accounting ... for the labor and hire.” John Folk died in 1855, leaving a last will and testament, which designated his three sons as executors. Christena has applied to Folk’s children for compensation, but they refuse to comply with her request. The petitioner therefore prays that the executors be compelled to account for the “annual hire of the negroes aforesaid.”

Result: Dismissed.

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