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Rebecca Sims Frankel and Louis C. Loyal ask that Jacob Frankel, Rebecca's husband, be restrained from interfering in the affairs of her trust estate. Prior to her marriage to Jacob in 1856, Rebecca conveyed three slaves and several promissory notes in trust to Lewis O'Bryan and Thomas J. Rowell "for the sole separate and exclusive use benefit and behoof of your Oratrix." She asserts that, during her marriage, Jacob "did nothing in the way of business for their support." She also claims that Jacob took $200 and went to New York for several months; upon his return, he repeatedly asked Rebecca to sell her slaves, to which she objected. Rebecca maintains that the slaves are "valuable and brought in by being hired out, a much larger income than could be obtained from the proceeds of their sale." After her daughter's birth on 8 January 1858, Rebecca "earnestly solicited her husband to get employment … which he declined doing … saying it was not becoming of his honor to work." Shortly thereafter, Jacob stole several pieces of his wife's jewelry, a gold watch, and several promissory notes. After these incidents and several episodes of violence, Jacob "was arrested & is now in Jail." The petitioners request the court to restrain Jacob Frankel from interfering in the affairs of her trust estate and to compel him to return the notes.

Result: Granted .

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