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Jeremiah Hobson, minor son of the late Jeremiah Hobson, accuses James Sandford, the administrator of his late father's estate, of refusing "to give to & pay over into the hands of your petitioners guardian for his use the legal distributive share of your petitioner of said slaves & money." Hobson represents that more than two years has elapsed since Sandford commenced administration of the estate and that Sandford has offered only "sham excuses" regarding the delay in the estate's distribution. Hobson claims that he is entitled to two thirds of the estate and that his mother, Nancy, who is now married to Robert M. Smith, is entitled to the remaining third. He asks the court to appoint commissioners to "divide & allot said slaves in that proportion." In his answer, Sandford reports that he "never inventoried" two of the ten slaves in question because they were conveyed to Nancy Hobson Smith after Hobson's death by her father, William Yancy.

Result: Granted.

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