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John Tilford seeks "a redemption of the land & negroes" that he mortgaged to Col. John Muirhead. He informs the court that "he became embarrassed in his circumstances in 1827" and that he was forced to mortgage ninety-seven acres of land to the said Muirhead, along with "two negroes, William about 60 years old, strong healthy & active, & patience about 40 who was also a smart & active woman." Tilford further represents that "the deft. took the negroes Wm & Patience into his possession on 21 April 1829 & has held them ever since." Maintaining that the debt was satisfied in the fall of 1833, the petitioner contends that the "Deft refuses to pay hire for the negroes, or rent for the land." Tilford therefore prays that the court "may order & decree a redemption of the land & negroes & that they be delivered up to your Orator & that an account may be taken of the annual hire & rent of the property from the time it came into the hands of deft." Muirhead alleges in his answer that he agreed to buy the said slaves "at the price of $300, & took a regular absolute bill of sale."

Result: Granted.

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