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The slaves of the late Loyd Ford, by their next friend, Phoebe Stuart, seek to establish the validity of Ford's last will and testament, which bequeathed them their freedom, as well as certain lands in Washington County where the petitioners wish to remain. They also seek an injunction against Ford's administrator and 14 heirs at law, who contest the will and who threaten to sell them and the property they have accumulated. The petitioners declare that Ford made a will on 1 March 1840, which called for the emancipation of his slaves upon his death. They surmise that his resolution "was owing to the fact that most of your Orators and Oratrixes were born the slaves of said Ford and were raised by him. In addition to this, most of complainants and especially your Orator John were persons of irreproachable character and had rendered meritorious services to their said master ... Most of your Orators and Oratrixes are persons of mixed blood, being mulatto's, and besides the motives above indicated they have always understood and believe that their late Master was animated in his desire to emancipate them by the still more powerful consideration of--natural love and affection."

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