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Hannah Dodds, a free woman of color, seeks permission to remain in Shelby County, Tennessee. She states that she "was liberated by one James Dodds in Shelby County" and that "she has resided in said county ever since." Dodds points out that "she wishes to reside in said state because she was born and reared in a slave state-- all her relatives and associations are here." She notes that "if she is driven from this state she will be compelled to settle in some of the free states." Feeling "that in no portion of our Government is the condition of the free colored race more deplorable than in the free states," Dodds submits that "she would prefer to return to bondage under a kind master than to reside in a free state." She "prays your Worships to permit her to remain in this state under the provisions of the several acts of the General Assembly."

Result: Granted.

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Repository: Memphis and Shelby County Archives, Memphis, Tennessee