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Ephraim H. Foster asks the court to emancipate "a certain mulatto Slave called James Thomas." Foster informs the court that he has owned Thomas since 20 January 1834. He further acknowledges that he placed Thomas "in a barbers Shop, where he remained until he had learned his trade well." Noting that the said Thomas "is now an adept in his business, and profitably employed therein," the petitioner praises Thomas as "industrious, honest, moral, & humble & polite" and affirms that Thomas "has so conducted himself as to gain the confidence & the respect, the good wishes and the constant patronage of all who know him." Foster concludes that Thomas "is a man of great worth in his place & that he would, as a free man, make a valuable, honest & excellent citizen." The petitioner urges the court "to decree the freedom of said negro James according to acts of assembly in such cases made and provided."

Result: Granted.

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