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Benjamin Motly charges that William Young "has not Kept" his covenant concerning the soundness of certain slaves purchased by Motly from the defendant. He alleges that Young "made executed & delivered to the plaintiff his covenant under seal ... & thereby acknowledged and bound himself that he for the consideration aforesaid so received as aforesaid for the negro slaves ... would warrant unto Motly that said negroes were sound in boddy & mind, and slaves for life and free from all other claims." The petitioner avers that Young "did not keep but broke the same ... in that the said negro slave Squire was unsound in body, and was greatly diseased with a disease of the heart, of the lungs, of the bowels." Asserting that "said negro slave Squire was wholly worthless and became and was of great expense and trouble," Motly seeks "damage of the plaintiff of $1200 and therefore he sues."

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