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Abram, Robert, and William King join Jacob Horn in seeking a proper distribution of their late grandmother's slaves. In her lifetime, Christiana Combs deeded "a parcel of slaves," which had belonged to her previous to marriage, to her two children, Jennett Hassel and Priscilla Horn, with the understanding that, at her death, the slaves would be further divided among Jennett and Priscilla's children. Priscilla, the petitioners' mother, died in 1822, and Christiana Combs, their grandmother, died in 1851. Upon their grandmother's death, the petitioners learned that their uncle Jennett had received his share of the slaves and that he has already sold two male slaves for $600 and $700, respectively. The petitioners avow that they "are willing to ratify said sale, but that the said Jennett Hassel should account for the said 600 + 700." They charge that the heirs, who have already received their shares of the slaves as gifts, "are bound to bring said negroes and increase into the estate, as part of the estate," in order that the property may be redivided among all the heirs as intended. Therefore, they pray that the court order "a construction be placed upon said deed of gift and the rights of all parties adjusted." The related testimonies contain insight into the process of valuing slaves.

Result: Granted; appealed; remanded; upheld.

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