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Seventy-six slaves belonging to the estate of the late Samuel Winstead file a bill of revivor in response to the death of Winstead's widow, Susannah Winstead Stephenson. The petitioners assert that "by the death of said Susannah their freedom given to them by the will of Samuel Winstead deceased becomes complete and consumated." Finding themselves now "in an unprotected condition," they seek "the protection and aid of the court in the execution of" Winstead's will. In particular, they desire the benefit of "the fund or money given to your orators in and by said will," which is now "deposited in the office of the Planters Bank of Tennessee at Franklin." Insisting that it would be "to their interest to be placed" in the custody of a receiver, they ask the court to ensure their "safety control and management" until they can be "sent with their property to Liberia on the west coast of Africa as provided and directed by" Winstead's will. Related documents include the court receiver's report, which gives names and ages for 81 slaves in his custody, records the births and deaths of these slaves between 1862 and 1865, and reports the income generated by their hire and the money expended in their support during the same period. The report also reveals nineteen discrepancies in name between the petitioners in the bill and the slaves taken into custody by the court.

Result: Partially granted; continued.

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