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The children of the late Charles Harrison assert that they are entitled to a share of their father's substantial estate, which consisted of "ten valuable Slaves, stock ... a considerable quantity of valuable Household and Kitchen furniture, outstanding debts to a great amount" as well as land holdings in Kentucky and Virginia. The petitioners charge that the administrator "hath taken the estate real as well as personal of the said decedant into his hands and possession ... and after paying the debts ... of the decedant, has applied the surplus which is considerably over five thousand Dollars current money of the United States to his own uses & purposes exclusively." They ask that the court decree the administrator to "come immediately to a full and fair Settlement of his account of administration of the said Estate and pay to your orators and oratrixes respectively what shall appear to be due to them in cash & deliver to them also respectively their respective proportion of the slaves & other tangible property."

Result: Granted pro confesso; continued; settled.

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