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Twenty-three-year-old David Corprew, administrator of the estates of his late sisters, Nancy Corprew and Sarah Corprew Bass, joins Elzy Burroughs, "coroner of Princess Anne County & committee of Louisa Corprew," another of David's late sisters, in asking the court to settle the estate of the siblings' late father, Jonathan Corprew. They assert that Corprew's former administrators, William C. Holt and John W. Hayes, sold slaves specifically bequeathed to family members. They charge that the sale "was not only illegal, because it was not necessary to satisfy debts, but fraudulent & unjust" and claim that Hayes sold slaves at reduced prices to "negro speculators who carried them out of the State." The petitioners ask the court to review the old accounts and "pray a discovery of all the choses in action & debts due" Jonathan Corprew's estate.

Result: Granted.

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