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Arriving in New Orleans in 1829 "with a parcel of slaves for sale," Virginia slave owner, Branch Cheatham, sold "all but sixteen of them;" when forced to return home, he left the unsold slaves "in the care and custody of" slave trader, Edwin Haskins. Cheatham permitted Haskins to hire out the slaves "up the Mississippi River" in Donaldsonville until the next year. Unable to return to New Orleans, Cheatham authorized Haskins to sell the slaves. Haskins sold only four slaves for $1,715 and turned the "the residue" over to a third party to be "clear of them." Cheatham now sues Haskins for compensation, declaring that co-defendant John Cobbs "has funds and property in his hands, amply sufficient ... to pay any sum, which, upon a settlement, may be found due from the said Haskins to your complt."

Result: Granted.

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