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Edward Hugh Caperton asks permission to sell his two slaves. He informs the court that his mother, Martha J. Caperton, left him property that included a slave named Cary and that his father, George W. Caperton, left him a slave named Queen Ann. Averring "that both of the said negroes have very bad characters," Edward complains that Cary "is almost white and has made attempts to run away & indeed at one time got far from home before he was arrested," thus instilling a fear that Cary will flee to a free state. He also asserts that Queen Ann is a "notorious thief having been before the mayor & whipped at the whipping post and besides your complt has reason to suspect that she has destroyed one or more of her illegitimate children at their birth." Based on these reasons and the fact that "negroes now command very high prices," Caperton surmises "that his interest would be promoted by a sale of said negroes." He accordingly prays that the court will order his guardian "to sell the said slaves."

Result: Granted.

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