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Joseph Summerrill, administrator of Elias Williamson, seeks to redeem a slave named Martha. He reminds the court "that there is pending in this Court, a suit in 'Forma Pauperis' by Simon & als. against Williamson's admor & als. seeking to recover their freedom." He cites that "to decide the question of ownership of part of said negroes," he instituted "an action of Detinue" against the administrator of John Williamson's estate. Reporting that "the jury returned a verdict in favour of the defendants," the petitioner "conceives that such verdict does not conclude his remedy on the facts of the Case." He contends that "the transaction between Jno. Williamson and his brother Elias Williamson, therein referred to, was nothing more than a pledge, or mortgage of the girl Martha, and that therefore he, as the adm of Elias Williamson has the right to redeem the same, by paying with interest the amount stated to have been advanced by John, on the said pledge of the girl Martha, and this he now offers to do ... & he prays for an order to that end."

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