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William R. Bowden seeks to become the trustee of property belonging to his wife Caroline. He states that the current trustee of the property, which includes thirty-eight slaves and land, is Thomas W. Gee, Caroline's brother. He recounts that prior to their marriage he and Caroline entered into "a marriage contract," whereby Caroline "reserved to herself the most complete and absolute controul over the property" including "the right to call upon the trustee and require a sale of the land or slaves ... and may direct in what way the proceeds of sales may be reinvested, or may require the same to be expended at her own will and pleasure." William states that Caroline has been satisfied that he has "been prudent and judicious in the management of his affairs" and believes that "their respectability and convenience would be consulted by giving all the trust property" to him. However, William complains that Gee "is unwilling to proceed to do anything in the matter without the authority of Law." The petitioner therefore prays that "your Honour may grant a decree directing the said Thomas W. Gee Trustee, to convey unto your Complainant the property mentioned in the marriage contract aforesaid, so that the wishes of the said Caroline may be carried out."

Result: Granted; appealed; affirmed.

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