Contributors & Resources

We would like to recognize the hard work of the people and organizations that have been integral to our ongoing efforts to make as many of these vital public records openly available as we can. Firstly, we would like to thank our community partners, without whose valuable contributions and insights this project could not have been realized.

Student Research Assistants and Fellows

Graduate Research Assistants

Emily Senn and Arden Craft, who worked on collecting and recording metadata from Washington DC.


Iyanna Huffington, Haley Bowers, October Kamara, Jordao Blackwell, Destiny Alston, Jamila Taylor, Mya Gray, Kaelyn Smith, India Holloman, Marquise Merck, Anderson Rouse.


Deshawn Elam


Kyrie Mason


We have been fortunate enough to have many registered volunteers who donated their valuable personal time to this work. It is deeply appreciated. The more prolific contributors have included William Durant, Angenita Boone, Juliana Mish, Julia Gibson, and Phillip Gibson among many others. Gina Roberts was instrumental in revising the volunteer handbook.

Volunteer Resources

Before we can proceed to digitizing and transcribing the deeds, we have to find them! Different counties are at different stages of the location, metadata, or digitization process, which means there are different needs in each county. There are several things volunteers can do to contribute to the People Not Property project, and most of them can be done from any computer with an internet connection. When you sign up as a volunteer, you have the option of locating and labeling deeds, applying metadata to documents, image editing, or full-text transcription. Please contact the DLAS project team for more information.