14 people are documented within DC.WAS.AN38.248.1
Name Age Color or Race Sex Role in document
Richard Bland Lee grantor
Chashier Richard Smith grantee
Peter Jones Male enslaved
Alexander Male enslaved
Henry Male enslaved
John Male enslaved
Frank Male enslaved
Kitty Female enslaved
Caroline Female enslaved
Harriet Female enslaved
Milly Female enslaved
Letty Female enslaved
William Male enslaved
Albert Male enslaved


Deed of trust was recorded on 25 June 1817. On 11 June 1817 a deed of trust was entered into between Richard Bland Lee of Washington City in the District of Columbia and Richard Smith, Cashier of the Branch Bank of the United States, commonly called the Office of Discount and Deposit. Richard Smith, acting on behalf of the Bank loaned Richard Bland Lee the day before $6,000 on his note, which was endorsed by Edmund J. Lee and Walter Jones as joint endorsers payable in 60 days with liberty of renewal from time to time and at the discretion of the Bank. Now Richard Bland Lee uses the following slaves as collateral: Peter, commonly called Peter Jones, Alexander, Henry and John, valuable young men; Frank, a valuable boy; Kitty and Caroline, young women; Harriet and Milly, valuable girls; and Letty and her two sons William and Albert. The estimated value of all is $5,000. Also, all the household and kitchen furniture of Richard Bland Lee and the following: plate, glass and china and other household items and kitchen items [listed in the document] for a total value of $7,200. This deed of trust will, however, be null and void if Richard Bland Lee sells a certain lot conveyed [ on the day of this document] by Overton Carr, for and on account of, Richard Bland Lee. But if after Richard Bland Lee receives a demand for payment from the Bank and the demand remains unpaid for 30 days, then Richard Smith may put up for sale - giving 30 days notice in a newspaper printed in Washington City - all or as many of the slaves, household furniture, or household items as may be sufficient to pay and discharge the loan. In addition, Richard Bland Lee has a claim against John Hopkins of Alexandria now pending in the Circuit Court of Alexandria Co. in the District of Columbia, which if Richard Bland Lee succeeds, he will be owed a sum exceeding $8,000 in money or land. Lee also assigns this claim over to Richard Smith. Signed on 11 June 1817 by Richard Bland Lee and Richard Smith. See also related note 312.