3 people are documented within DC.WAS.AS43.355.1
Name Age Color or Race Sex Role in document
Henrietta Elzey grantor
William W Clagett grantee
Juliett Black ("negro") Female enslaved


Bill of sale [and manumission] was recorded on 17 October I 8 I 8. Henrietta Elzey, a widow, of Washington City in the District of Columbia, for $400, sells, to William W. Clagett of George Town in the District of Columbia, a Negro woman named Juliett for a term of 16 years from the date of this document. Juliett is sold upon the condition that she not be sold or "carried out of the District except within the state of Maryland, unless with her own consent." It is the true meaning and intention of this document that it will be void if Juliett is sold or carried out of the District of Columbia or the state of Maryland without her consent. It is also Henrietta Elzey's intent that Juliett will be free at the end of the term, but until that time she is to be William Clagett's slave. Signed on 28 July 1818 by Henrietta Elzey.