3 people are documented within DC.WAS.G7.170.2
Name Age Color or Race Sex Role in document
Ebenezar Eliason grantor
Ephrian Igau [Igan or Egan] grantee
Tom 12 Black ("negro") Male enslaved

Full text transcription

At the request of Ephrian lgau [Igan or Egan] the bill of sale war recorded on 26 June 1801. Ephrian Igau paid Ebenezar Eliason $130 for a Negro boy named Tom about 12 years of age for a term of 16 years beginning 8 June 1801, to be employed at such work or business as Ephrian lgau may think proper to place him, and may remove him to any place he may think proper provide it is not out of the District of Columbia or the state of Maryland. [Compiler's note: This appears to be more of a hiring out arrangement than an absolute sale.]