3 people are documented within DC.WAS.G7.307.1
Name Age Color or Race Sex Role in document
Bennett Jarboe grantor
Susanna Mills grantee
Isaac 10 Black ("negro") Male enslaved

Full text transcription

At the request of Susanna Mills the bill of sale was recorded on 14 October 1801. Bennett Jarboe "owes and stands justly indebted to the said Susanna Mills of St. Mary's Co., Maryland in the sum of 59 pounds two shillings and three pence...and to secure the payment is willing to execute [this document]... that in addition of $5 paid to Bennett Jarboe, sells one Negro boy named Isaac about ten years of age." But if Bennett Jarboe pays his debt on or before 14 January 1802 along with legal interest, he will get Isaac back.