7 people are documented within DC.WAS.G7.438.1
Name Age Color or Race Sex Role in document
Cornelius Coningham grantor
Charles Rogers grantor
Richard Soderstrom grantee
Marsham Waring grantee
Adam Black ("negro") Male enslaved
Michael Black ("negro") enslaved
Sall Black ("negro") enslaved

Full text transcription

Bill of sale was recorded on 17 December 1801. Cornelius Coningham of the City of Washington for a consideration of $310 sold to Marsham Waring of Georgetown his houseĀ­ hold stuff, furniture and books and one Negro man named Adam. The items are located in a certain tenement situated on lot #10 in square east of square #88 in the City of Washington in the District of Columbia. Bill of sale was signed on 15 December 1801. The attached schedule lists all items. [Compiler's note: Adam's age was not given.]

At the request of Richard Soderstrom the bill of sale was recorded on 17 December 1801. Charles Rogers was indebted to Richard Soderstrom in the amount of $425 for household furniture. Therefore, for the amount of the debt plus $1 he sold two Negroes, Michael and Sall, to Richard Soderstrom.