4 people are documented within DC.WAS.I9.148.1
Name Age Color or Race Sex Role in document
Edward Nicholas grantor
Robert Smith grantee
Forrester 50 Black ("negro") Male enslaved
Jim enslaved


Bill of sale recorded on 17 January 1803. Edward Nicholas of the City of Washington owes Robert Smith 40 pounds ten shillings and eight pence current money of Maryland. Edward Nicholas sells to Robert Smith of Georgetown a Negro man named Forrester about 50 years old. "But if my heirs, executors or administrators pay Robert Smith the stated amount with interest before 1 March next [1804], then this to be void." This bill of sale is an additional security only for the payment of said sum and interest, and to be resorted to in case Sarah Walker does not pay the said sum to Robert Smith by the time aforesaid agreeably to the meaning of the bill of sale to me of a Negro man named Jim, dated 11 January 1803 and which I have assigned to Robert Smith this day." [Compiler's note: It is unclear what this is about, maybe Forrester is being used to insure payment for Jim.]