10 people are documented within DC.WAS.I9.334.1
Name Age Color or Race Sex Role in document
Thomas [L.?] Sothoron grantor
Alexander McCormick grantee
Thomas [L.?] Sothoron grantee
Jack 22 Black ("negro") Male enslaved
Jack 22 Male enslaved
Betty 25 Female enslaved
Julia 15 Female enslaved
Linney 10 Female enslaved
Clare 4 Female enslaved
William 2 Male enslaved


At the request of Thomas [L. not sure what middle initial is] Sothoron the certificate of slaves was recorded on 14 May 1803. Thomas [L.] Sothoron declares they are his property and were brought from Charles Co., Maryland to the District of Columbia where he came to reside. Man named Jack about age 22 Woman Betty 25 Girl Linney 15 Girl Julia 10 Girl Clare 4 Boy William 2 [Second document] Jack: At the request of Alexander McCormick the bill of sale was recorded on 14 May 1803. Thomas [L.] Sothoron in consideration of$300 sells a Negro man named Jack about 22 years of age to Alexander McCormick.

See I9.1803.334.1