6 people are documented within DC.WAS.Q16.205.1
Name Age Color or Race Sex Role in document
Lund Washington grantor
Susanna Washington grantor
James McKim grantee
Thomas Herty grantee
Alice 30 Black ("negro") Female enslaved
Joe 24 Black ("negro") Male enslaved


Deed [bill of sale] was recorded on 10 November 1806. Lund Washington and his wife Susanna Washington, both of the City of Washington sold to Thomas Herty of the same place, in consideration of $200 paid to Lund Washington by James McKim of the same place, a Negro woman slave named Alice age about 30 and a Negro man slave named Joe age about 24, the property of Susanna Washington, and a brown mare 5 years old. These are all sold to indemnify James Mc Kim for loans, and if the $200 is not paid on or before 28 April 1807, then Thomas Herty may sell the Negroes and mare, or so many of them as necessary, giving ten days previous notice in a newspaper published in the City of Washington. Signed on 28 October 1806 by Lund and Susanna Washington.