4 people are documented within DC.WAS.T19.141.1
Name Age Color or Race Sex Role in document
Acquila Beall grantor
Jarimiah Merrile grantee
Charity Black ("negro") Female enslaved
Thomas enslaved


Charity and son Thomas: Present was recorded about 22 February 1808. George Town 6 March 1805: Jarimiah Merrile states that he has this day given to a Negro woman named Charity a present of her son, Thomas, "and to confer at the same time that the servitude of Charity shall expire". He also states "which said woman's time I have sold to Mr. Acquila Beall." Signed on 6 March 1805 by Jarimiah Merrile with an "X." [Compiler's note: This short document attempts to accomplish three things (1) give Charity her son Thomas, (2) manumit Charity, and (3) sell her remaining time to Mr. Acquila Beall. However, the date of Charity's freedom is not mentioned, neither is the length of her remaining time, nor the amount Mr. Beall paid, if anything, for her time.]