11 people are documented within DC.WAS.T19.295.1
Name Age Color or Race Sex Role in document
Richard A. Boarman grantee
Issac Owens grantee
Rachel 22 Black ("negro") Female enslaved
Stephen 31 enslaved
Terease 21 enslaved
Sal 50 enslaved
Patrick 15 enslaved
Liza 18 enslaved
Osswald 6 enslaved
Clary 4 enslaved
Ned 1 enslaved


Certificate of Slaves was recorded on 31 April 1808. Richard B. A. Boarman has moved to Washington Co. and brings with him several slaves, which are "his own property and requests they to be recorded." Signed on 31 April 1808 by Richard Boarman. They are: Harriott: Bill of sale was recorded on 7 June 1808. Gerrard Gibson of Washington Co. in Stephen age 31 Tereasa " 21 Liza age 18 Osswald " 6 Sal Patrick " 50 " 15 Clary Ned " " 4 1

Manumission was recorded 22 April 1808. Isaac Owens of Georgetown in the District of Columbia releases from slavery a Negro woman called Rachel, mother of John and Joseph Smallwood, after she has served him until 4 November 1808, and again from 4 November for the term of 11 years. Rachel was 22 years of age on 4 November 1807. Rachel was purchased by Isaac Owens from John Furguson, Agent of David Furguson. But if Rachel should have children before being free her children will be subject to service. Her sons will be in service until the age of 25, and her daughters will be in service until the age of 21. Signed on 22 April 1808 by Isaac Owens. In the left margin of the handwritten Liber the following is written: "I have identified to the clerk Negroes John and Joseph Smallwood as the children of Rachael named in the forgoing deed of manumission from Isaac Owens and entitled to their freedom under said deed, the period for which they had to serve having expired. [Signed on] 9 August 1836 [by] Samuel McKenney. Certificates given to John and Joseph this day 9 August 1836 by Het"