9 people are documented within DC.WAS.WB3.422.1
Name Age Color or Race Sex Role in document
John Abbot grantor
Trustee for Elizabeth Oliver Daniel Kurtz grantee
Harriot 27 Black ("negro") Female enslaved
Venus 40 Black ("negro") Female enslaved
Ann 14 enslaved
Betty 12 enslaved
Matalida 19 enslaved
Henry 8 enslaved
Gustavus 3 enslaved


Bill of sale was recorded on 29 March 1822. John Abbot of George Town in the District of Columbia is justly indebted to the Bank of Columbia on several negotiable notes endorsed by Elizabeth Oliver. John Abbot now wants to secure these notes or future notes endorsed by any other endorser. Therefore, for $1.00, he sells in trust to Daniel Kurtz the following Negro slaves: a Negro woman named Venus age 40 and her five children (Ann age about 14, Betty age about 12, Matilda age about IO, Henry age about 8, Gustavus age about 3), and a Negro woman named Harriet age about 27. lf John Abbot fails to pay any of the notes then Daniel Kurtz may sell the salves, or such portions of them as may be necessary, after giving ten days notice. A condition of the sale is that all of the slaves will remain in the possession of John Abbot until needed for sale. Signed on 28 March I 822 by John Abbot.