5 people are documented within DC.WAS.WB3.56.1
Name Age Color or Race Sex Role in document
Samuel Knox grantor
Stephen B Balch grantee
George 9 Black ("negro") Male enslaved
Harry 4 Black ("negro") Male enslaved
Charity 24 Black ("negro") Female enslaved


Bill of sale was recorded on 21 June 182 l. District of Columbia: "At the request of Samuel Knox the following bill of sale was record on 17 September 1798. Stephen Bloomer Balch of George Town, Montgomery Co. [Maryland, now in the District of Columbia] for 112 pounds, 10 shillings current money, sells to Samuel Knox of Frederick Co." [Maryland] the following Negroes: a Negro boy named George age about 9, a Negro boy named Harry age about 4, and a Negro woman named Charity age about 24, until the boys each reach the age of 30 and not longer. At age 30 George and Harry "will be free for the remainder of their lives." Samuel Knox will also have Charity for "a term of ten years from the date of this [document] and no longer," provided she behaves and demeans herself as a good servant in the opinion of Samuel Knox. Signed on 14 September 1789 by Stephen B. Balch.