15 people are documented within DC.WAS.Y24.547.1
Name Age Color or Race Sex Role in document
Jeremiah Cockrill grantor
Joseph Lewis Jr grantor
Anthony Thornton grantee
Jane Thornton grantee
Matthew Harrison Jr grantee
James enslaved
Beck Female enslaved
Mima enslaved
Monarcha enslaved
Philis enslaved
William enslaved
Mima 38 enslaved
Milly 4 enslaved
Hannah 2 enslaved
Little Mima enslaved


Extract from the last will and testament of Jeremiah Cockrill, deceased, was recorded on 11 September 1810. "I give and bequest to my daughter Jane, wife of Anthony Thornton, two slaves, to wit: James and Beck a yellow woman to her and her issue forever."

Bill of sale was recorded on 11 September 1810. [First document] Joseph Lewis, Jr. sells to Matthew Harrison, Jr., for 130 pounds, "a Negro wrench Mirna [Mime] and her three children Monarcha, Philis and William and the future increase of the females ... to have the said slaves in trust, to receive the profits and labor of them and to pay the same to Mrs. Jane Thornton and her heirs forever." Signed on 8 February 1796 by Joseph Lewis, Jr. [Second document] "At a Court held for Loudoun Co. [Virginia] 8 February 1796, this Deed of Trust was acknowledged by Joseph Lewis, party here to, and ordered to be recorded."

Certificate of slaves was recorded on 11 September 18 I 0. Anthony Thornton for Jane Thornton, formerly of Fairfax Co., Virginia, now of Washington City in the District of Columbia states that the following slaves are the separate property of his wife, Mrs. Jane Thornton, and they were brought into the District on 3 September 1810. They are: Mirna (or Mime) age 38, Milly age 4, Hannah age 2, and Little Mirna age 6 months. It is stated that "all were residents and descendents of slaves residing in some one of the United States previous to the 2 l s1 April 1786." Signed by Anthony Thornton.